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Retired Teachers Scammed In Ponzi Scheme – Securities Law

The SEC's Office of Investor Education and Advocacy (OIEA) and Retail. Director's Take · Teachers · Librarians · Public Service Campaign · World Investor Week. may make them targets for investment fraud, including Ponzi schemes.. Ponzi scheme that targeted seniors and their retirement savings.

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It was a similar situation four years earlier at a law office in Houston. R. Allen Stanford,accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of running a $7 billion Ponzi scheme. says investor Ron.

Kathleen Oropeza, co-founder, FundEducationNow.org Last week: Florida teachers got the go-ahead to carry guns in.

Even today, confidence artists continue to work their scams with great success. Everything is fine until the scheme runs out of new investors and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. We.

Spence had spent years working two jobs to fund a comfortable retirement. “It became a Ponzi scheme. King of Ponzis,” Dopking says. PPB raised the alarm after stepping into Wickham in late December.

Dynamic Securities ranked the Morgans at No. 20 for their Ponzi. Even as the Morgans’ scam swirled. of a defunct law firm. He is accused of stealing .2 billion and is now serving a 50-year term.

Investment scams are not something new. It is the same ponzi scheme repeated over and over again. Some people even resorted to killing themselves when the scheme collapsed. Teacher kills self after.

And more recently, just last month on December 13, the sec charged hector May, a former New York investment advisor (based in Rockland County) and his daughter vania bell with a Ponzi scheme, which.

Funeral Trust Was Underwater For Years. Investments managed by the wisconsin funeral trust – marketed to consumers as a safe place to invest cash earmarked to cover their funeral expenses – have had a shortfall of millions of dollars every year since 2008, one year after the fund’s investment advisers called for putting money into the stock market and other riskier investments,

Affinity fraud scams which targets affinity-based religious and community groups. Greater Ministries officials told investors that state and federal securities laws did. A former Sunday school teacher swindled at least thirty-three people, many of. to 30 years for bilking thirty retirement-age investors out of nearly $6 million.

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