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Will Your Counter-Offer Match a Buyer’s Expectations?

How much lower than your asking price will you counter-offer? Beware of Setting a Minimum Counter Price. Setting a firm minimum counter price is a big mistake that some sellers make. Depending on the deal and the buyer your counter offer should be flexible. For example, after investigating the market, you set your asking price at $350,000.

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So, finding a seller with reasonable valuation expectations is not always easy. There are typically three parties involved in any transaction: the seller, the buyer and the financing source. If you.

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But most home sellers do not draw enough buyers to their home. They are lucky to get one offer, and then end up scared to counter offer to a higher price. Negotiation is about leverage (control), and you have no leverage when there is little interest in your home. Fortunately, the opposite is true as well.

If you receive an offer to purchase from a property buyer and decide to submit a counter-offer, it is important to err on the side of caution. Because if your counter-proposal fails to meet a buyer’s expectations, you risk missing out on the opportunity to sell your house and maximize your home sale earnings.

For First-Time Buyers, Expectations May Not Match Reality.. many first-time buyers still carry bubble-level expectations of what their first home ought to be.. Current GSE Capital Levels May.

A counter offer is issued when the job offer presented by a prospective employer isn’t considered acceptable by the applicant. An employee might also issue a counteroffer to their current employer if they are awarded a promotion and don’t agree with the new compensation offered for accepting that position.

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